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Our absolute need for personal offer and service in the space of shipping led to the creation of our company of “AKMON SA” - “I. ARBANITIS - V KANELAKI SA. As resulting from the multi-annual experience that we acquired as collaborators in this sector in our older collaborations for twenty and so years, was the foundation of our workshop with alone aim the absolute satisfaction of our customers.

     We are experts in the repairs and reconditioning of all the types of parts of boats as heads of piston, pistons , pistons of aluminum, valves, seats, cylinder covers, piston rods, valves cages, piston skirts, as well as in workshops working that concerns in our sector. The materials that are used are certified and base of specifications and requirements of customer.

     Welding of all types of metals (as bronze, aluminum, mantemi and various other types of special alloys) are realized in our company with absolute success and most excellent result.

    Corresponding in the wishes of our customers 24-hour per day and for 365 days per year, we ensure the correct operation of parts that we repair (always stamped with our logo) and in the time limit that has been agreed. Also we offer also on exchange basis or on direct sale parts that exist as stock in our installations

     Taking into consideration the requirements of our customers, our company is certified at ISO 2001:2000 (BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION) offering thus guarantee for our work.

       The satisfaction and service of our collaborators are for us attitude of life.

     We find ourselves in your disposal for any information and briefing in the sector of our work hoping in a future collaboration.





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